Idrodinamica mediterranea by irs  can now boast 40 years as a market leader in the field of industrial cleaning using high pressure pump.
today the company is striding ahead with new technology.
idrodinamica introduces to you a new concept for decoking reffinery heaters. useing the latest technology and products we can now offer you a service that can save you time and money and make your heaters run more efficently.
the uses low pressure water and specialy designed range of piggs to remove carbon/coke and other deposit from your heater tubes safely.
designed by our own engineers and built by our own company we belive that by combining are knowledge-experience and planned expansion in pigging and decoking idm-irs. will become the leader in europe.
idm-irs. trailer mounted double pump decoke units haave capacity to carry out two jobs at once.